Captain Mal Apps was created by ten-year-old Malcolm (The Brains and Kid Interpreter of the operation) to further his love of technology. His first app, tAPPy baby, is a delightful, eye-catching distraction app he created for his little sister Annie Grace, and includes the sounds of her laughing and blowing kisses.

In both tAPPy baby and his latest release, tAPPy holidays, parents and older kids choose six of twelve available sounds at a time for younger ones to tap and enjoy. While Malcolm created nearly all of tAPPy baby himself, tAPPy holidays was more of a family effort with Malcolm contributing the initial framework and graphics and his parents adding the falling snow and Countdown to Christmas. The new app features twelve icons revolving around traditional holidays with the addition of surprise sounds, such as the occasional “yuck” (provided by Malcolm) or “ewww” (provided by his little brother Archie) when the mistletoe is tapped. There are six Christmas-themed choices so the main page can be entirely Christmas-y, with snow falling and the Countdown to Christmas, or the user can choose any combination of holidays and even turn the snow off.

“I wanted to use cute, bright graphics that little kids would like and fun sounds they wouldn’t think are scary,” added Malcolm. Asked why he wants to write apps, Malcolm replied, “because it’s cool…and to make money!”

Captain Mal Apps strives to be mom and kid-friendly and thus makes apps with no in-app purchases, no social media connections, no need for Internet, and no advertisements.

The Gordons hope to sell enough apps to pay for more app and engineering camps and maybe even a trip to Walt Disney World.

Malcolm’s plans for the future include releasing more apps and growing up to become a robotics engineer.