At CAPTEC wedesign and manufacture specialist computers for challenging environments and controlled applications. In a world where humans and technology are converging fast, we keep your applications running and ensure your computers are protected against failure, disruption and change.

Working with systems integrators and OEMs across the energy, medical, transport, automation, communications, defence and security sectors, we provide expert services designed to help customers achieve value for money and peace of mind. Whether it’s preventing life-saving equipment from malfunctioning, enabling mass transit systems to flow, or safeguarding strategic defence equipment in extreme desert conditions, we provide the resilience and confidence you need to deliver continuity.

With unique in-house design, production and testing facilities, we create computers to provide reliability, longevity and consistency – in accordance with your individual requirements. Our expert certification team can also carry out a multitude of tests to make sure your equipment is compliant and fit-for-purpose. We offer a dedicated customer service that comprises support, repairs and preventative maintenance, and over the years we’ve forged relationships with diverse partners to achieve broader technical innovation.

Through these core offerings, we ensure that your applications won’t be disrupted and your end-users won’t be adversely affected. Ultimately, we understand the value of resilience and reliability; our customers come to us because they know their equipment is in safe hands, and they trust us to deliver expert solutions for testing times and tough environments.