OnPoint Associates announced the launch of CarToFlorida.com, a new service delivering vehicles for consumers and businesses nationwide. CarToFlorida.com will feature a personalized service delivering vehicles nationwide in as little as 72 hours.

“We are excited to offer our customers an opportunity to have their vehicles moved to almost anywhere in the country quickly and affordably,“ said OnPoint Associates President Mark Duda. “We fell there is a niche for a new type of service for people who are looking for someone to drive their vehicles from point A to point B”

Although there are many transport companies, CarToFlorida.com intends to offer a personalized, concierge type service to its customers. “At CarToFlorida.com, we feel that customers and businesses that entrust us with their vehicles, deserve a level of service that seems to be absent from the current marketplace,” Duda continued.

CarToFlorida.com will be aggressive in the marketplace, and will look to open pursue corporate accounts with Fortune 500 companies. “Our goal is 10 Fortune 500 accounts established in 2012” Duda said.

OnPoint Associates is located in Point Pleasant, NJ.