Carbmee revolutionises carbon management for companies with complex supply chains through its unique platform called Environmental Intelligence System EIS™. By leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, carbmee's EIS™ accurately calculates carbon footprints at the company, product, and supplier levels, matching internal data with external databases to provide comprehensive insights.

Carbmee empowers companies in automotive, logistics, and manufacturing space to achieve sustainability, maintain cost effectiveness yet stay compliant with regulations. In larger enterprises, in addition to company-wide challenges, different job functions have individual bottlenecks. While finance department is interested in effectively integrating ESG data and carbon accounting metrics into financial reporting, the procurement team wants to ensure that carbon performance is integrated into procurement strategies, tendering processes, and supply chain operations to minimise climate risks. Sustainability department wants to achieve net-zero and SBTi goals without sending emails and spreadsheets and research and development teams aim at identifying low carbon materials in order to ensure sustainable product design.

With upcoming regulations, customers and capital markets force companies to take actions on their carbon emissions. Enterprises with complex supply chain will find this as an existential threat given most of the mostly them use spread sheets, deal with data silos, and follows expensive, time consuming and inefficient process of estimating carbon footprints. These companies purchase goods and raw materials in large amounts from multiple sources, suppliers, and ecosystems without having full visibility on the procurement process.

The EIS™ is a transformative and revolutionary platform that understands granular details of all company inventory and ultimately decodes it impacts on the end product. As a result of this, with EIS™, enterprises can build carbon friendly products to calculate emissions in real time, become net zero faster, and achieve circular economy before their competition.

What sets carbmee apart?

Fast carbon transparency: achieve Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions precision within 21 days by streamlining data (primary and secondary) from diverse sources and seamlessly integrate with your ERP.
All-In-One Platform: combine Carbon Accounting, Product Carbon Footprints (LCA) and supply chain emissions (scope 3) in one integrated system in order to centralize complex data streams.
Trustworthy supplier engagement: build trust and accountability with extensive supplier networks through transparent communication, procurement management and complaint handling.
Precision: grow according to your requirements using spend-based, activity-based and supplier-specific calculation methodologies.
Flexibility: create value without complexity as the EIS connects to your enterprise systems and other applications.
Chosen by global enterprises: our pioneering platform and unparalleled industry expertise have made us the trusted partner of choice for multinational enterprises.

Our customers vouch for our commitment and dedication to develop cutting-edge platform and unmatched customer experience.

''Carbmee’s EIS™ has automated our carbon accounting process to simplify the intricate supply chain complexities. This platform has transformed our approach to carbon management, empowering us to unlock change with speed and clarity.'' - Philipp Russ, Head of Global Sustainability at Ravensburger.

''We used to calculate Scope 3 with external partners, which was costly and not optimized to reflect changes in our procurement decisions. With the EIS™, we will have full visibility of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions in one place and can easily adjust the calculations as changes occur in the value chain, allowing us to make confident decisions about carbon reduction in the future.'' - Andreas Steenbock, Product Manager Digital Paper at Steinbeis Papier.

Unlike traditional approaches that rely solely on spend and can be influenced by external factors, carbmee's granular data-driven approach ensures fast carbon transparency and unlocking hidden reduction potential, enabling companies to make informed decisions and drive supplier collaboration. With robust reporting capabilities aligned with international standards, carbmee empowers businesses to showcase sustainability transformation, track reduction progress, and adhere to compliance. Carbmee's EIS™ platform enables companies with complex value chain unlock up to 90% carbon reduction potential  across the value chain in as less as 21 days.  

Just a couple years since its inception, carbmee has already signed off successful implementations with Kärcher, Infarm, Infineon, KWS Seed, Steinbeis Papier, Ravensburger, Georg Fischer and 50+ such enterprises.