We are a social impact platform created by Project Planet.

Project Planet, is developing a consumer platform that grants users via its App Carbonquo the possibility to offset their carbon footprint through the daily purchasing decisions they make. The companies they purchase from will foot the bill to offset each user’s daily carbon emissions.

Our purpose is to offset everyone's carbon footprint everywhere by promoting commerce through retail organisations worldwide that give back a % of their clients spend to fund low-carbon development projects, energy efficiency, clean technology and forest restoration.

Our everyday actions contribute to ramping up our daily carbon footprint. when we travel to work, use electricity at home, buy a cup of coffee at our favourite store, do the weekly shop, and just about everything else you can imagine, contributes to us, adding more Co2 emissions to the atmosphere.

Everyone everywhere has their own carbon footprint. It is a measure of how much carbon dioxide you create by going about your daily life, everyone’s carbon footprint is different, and the amount of carbon emissions you’re responsible for depends on the way you live your life.

Offsetting provides a mechanism to reduce GHG emissions in the most cost-effective and economically-efficient way. Offsetting plays a vital role in combating climate change.

At Carbonquo, we believe that the only way to effectively stop global warming is to offset Everyone’s carbon Footprint Everywhere. We aim to empower people  to make a difference by enabling them to choose to purchase goods and services only from those companies whose policies for development are sustainable, and who financially support the offsetting goals of their clients.

In short, the companies you purchase from pay to offset your carbon emissions.