Cardiology Billing Partners is the only truly national cardiology and cardiovascular specialty billing company. We have presence in five major cities and are 100% -US based.

Cardiology Billing Partners provide a complete Revenue Management solution. Most medical billing companies only provide some of the elements required for a complete medical billing solution. Cardiology Billing Partners provides a complete solution that includes all elements of coding, claim submission and follow-up, a practice management system, a scheduler, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, around the clock access to your medical billing data, easy to use dashboard reports, practice analytics and recommendations, an instant payment program that provides your practice with funds within 24 hours of seeing a patient, automated insurance verification, and a patient checkout tool that allows you to collect all of the money (including co-insurance amounts) that a patient owes before they leave the office.

Cardiology Billing Partners guarantees your results: Cardiology Billing Partners stands out from other medical billing companies because we guarantee our results. Our guarantee protects you from timely filing mistakes and poor billing efforts.

Cardiology Billing Partners utilizes best-of-breed technology: Cardiology Billing Partners 's technology can stand toe-to-toe with payers. Many medical billing companies utilize technology that is insufficient to properly compete with payers. Payers utilize sophisticated technology to slow down payments and deny claims. Cardiology Billing Partners 's technology allows us to level the playing field through the use of multiple claim scrubbers, a sophisticated analytical reporting engine, easy to use dashboard reporting, a dedicated clean claim technology, and a feedback process that makes the technology dynamic so that it learns as the payers try new tactics to slow down you payments.