Career Direction is an assessment that objectively identifies the best career choices for an individual to pursue. The Career Direction assessment is a self-administered, career-identification tool that takes about an hour, on-line, to complete.  

Milt Cotter, Senior Partner at of Candidate Resources, Inc (CRI) developed the Career Direction system because of the need for educators and career counselors to have an accurate, efficient, and economical way to assist students and adults in career planning and career counseling.

Candidate Resources, Inc. (CRI) specializes in the design, construction, and implementation, of custom-crafted, web-based, Applicant Management Systems (AMS). CRI’s online systems perform all applicant screening, tracking and data management required to comply with all federal guidelines.  

CRI systems, meet, or exceed, all AAP, EEOC and OFCCP compliance guidelines, reporting and record archiving.  See http://www.applicantmanagement.biz/

For information about the Career Direction assessment, contact Tom Thoms at info@CareerDirection.com, or call Tom at (937) 867-4033.