Candidates: Find Your Ideal Boston Tech Job

Our objective is to advance you in pursuing your ideal career, whether you’re a CXO or an entry-level candidate. We’ll listen to you and probe beneath the surface to help you identify your career aspirations and discern your strengths and needs.


We’ll treat you as an individual. Warmly. Authentically. Flexibly. In working out arrangements with a prospective employer, we’ll ensure the job fits your life’s needs. In some cases, this has meant creating flexible work arrangements and alternative compensation models.


CareerEncore successfully places candidates from a diversity of technology disciplines. Our environment focus is object-oriented and includes Java, .NET, and LAMP/LAPP (Linux, Apache, MySQL/ PostgreSQL, PHP/Python/Perl). Our openings include:

  • Software Development/Engineering/Product Development: Quality Assurance Engineer, Release Engineer, Developer, Tech Lead, Principle, Architect, Development Manager, VP of Engineering, CTO
  • Information Technology/Systems: Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Systems Engineer, Systems Manager, Systems Architect, Director of Operations
  • Professional Services: Technical Consultant, Solutions Architect, Technical Account Manager, Project Manager, Engagement Manager
  • Sales & Marketing: Pre/Post Sales Engineer, Product Marketing Manager, Director of Product Marketing, Director of Marketing Communications, Director of Technical Marketing, CMO


We’ll save you time by being highly selective in identifying prospective employers. Our intuition, insight, and ability to connect on the intangibles has even resulted in new positions being created for candidates where no job had been posted.

  • Selective in presenting jobs to save you time
  • Match personality with company culture
  • Provide individual, authentic attention
  • An unparalleled network of employer partners