2013 Startup CareerStarter.com Boasts New Competition Based Hiring Platform
December 28, 2012

More than a year ago CareerStarter’s founders set out to help fix the hiring quagmire popularly known as closing the skills gap. Employers with career opportunities but struggling to find the right talent to train for those jobs. The answer finally came in the form of a new hiring platform centered on what they call skills based hiring.

Co-founder David White said ‘Skills based hiring modernizes the traditional resume and interviewing process by identifying and measuring candidate skills prior to interviewing’. CareerStarter’s skills based hiring platform will offer employers the chance to create job related skills competitions requiring applicants to submit relevant work samples.

‘The whole platform is a value-add from top to bottom. Our patent-pending process enables employers to receive higher quality candidate information and candidates become better informed about the skills employers are seeking.’ David also points out that employers can also receive new ideas about products and services through the competition hiring method.

The company says that their slogan ‘Help starts now’ goes well beyond their platform to include charitable elements. For example, every competition prize will include a donation to that winner’s university career center. ‘We consider it a privilege to support universities’ efforts to find users career opportunities. We are all playing for the same team.’

While the platform is geared towards college students and recent graduates the job listings will not be restricted to those groups. Although users will have to wait on their invitation to have access to CareerStarter profiles and jobs.

The website also boasts a growing cadre of professionals contributing articles, advice and guidance for job seekers. ‘I can’t name the names but these professionals are among the top in their fields and excited about this new platform’. Top notch career guidance is so important for our user demographic, we definitely plan to grow these types of resources over the next year.

Launch is set for this February 2013 however you can request a pre-launch invite beforehand at www.careerstarter.com. Co-founder David White concluded by saying “Young professionals are eager for industry opportunities. In this economy young professionals are hungry for opportunities and employers are willing to hire young talent. The problem is connecting the right candidates with the right opportunities.”