A Snapshot of Career Tier's Service

Career Tier is a recognized force in the compass of corporate career consulting and executive Résumé writing.  Career Tier started as The Résumé Shoppe, an executive Résumé writing service, but quickly expanded to supply a demand for individual corporate consulting.  

At the foundation of our success exists the unyielding determination to significantly enhance the quality of our client’s career path. Career Tier works diligently to nurture corporate alliances and execute community initiatives to actively bridge the gap between corporations and employees.  

What is Career Consulting?

Parallel to a Career Coach, Career Tier is noted for providing solutions to the most common obstacles relevant to the client's career circumstance.  We address the complexities that career focused clients encounter including unexpected downsizing and layoffs, complicated job searches, resume frustration and interview apprehension.    Our knowledge is not limited to our exposure to the career climate but expands with the feedback and demands from our corporate clients.

What Additional Service Does Career Tier Specialize in?

Our signature service is career consulting but our knowledge extends to the depth of career development and empowerment.    We deliver extraordinarily polished seminars, workshops and featured conferences founded on our “out of the box” instruction.  Our corporate & community presentations are guaranteed to:

     -Spark Dialogue
     -Encourage Participation
    - Generate Fresh Ideas
     -Introduce New Concepts
     -Maximize Resources
     -Present Optimal Solutions for Success!

Career Tier's Free Community  Workshops

Career Tier founder, Stephanie Robertson, is passionate about careers with a direct emphasis on career elevation.  100% of the Career Tier Commitment is dedicated to eliminating the challenges of career-engaged individuals.  Successful actions include individual, small group and corporate consultations.  Although we naturally promote our consultations at cost, we are excited to share our knowledge for free through several channels.

Our commitments are evolving, but include:

-   “Let’s Lunch” series
-    “Project Partner” initiative
-    “Night Vision” series
-    “Corporate Connect” rewards program
-     Free Community Workshops


Career Tier's Community Vision

"To qualify career ambitious individuals through channels of inspiration, information and collaboration."

Career Tier Community Commitment

   * Career dedication & elevation
   * Increased Corporate Alliances
   * Multiplied community motivation
   * Heightened professional development opportunities
   * Circulated knowledge of principal job resources

Career Tier's founder, Stephanie Robertson, has ensured continued community involvement with her Career Tier 2009 community commitment. Through this enhanced vision she has been inspired to lift the cloud of uncertainty looming over unemployment, downsizing and job restructuring bringing a new focus and spirited resolve.  This is achieved through community outreach and dedication.  Career Tier will offer FREE group workshops benefiting churches, civic organizations and community associations.