COVID-19 has shown the world that many healthcare workers do not have the tools they need to do their job safely. To help, Carepatron is launching the world's first free Care Platform. This platform is a complete care management & collaboration tool for those who provide or receive care anywhere in the world.

With Carepatron, healthcare workers, patients and their family get access to secure video calling and messaging. They gain visibility with real-time updates, share care notes and store medical records all in one place. The carepatron platform helps to save time by reducing administration and errors from the care process.

Before Carepatron: Care feels complicated and disjointed, sometimes things slip, it can be tough to remember details and people are stressed. Paper and fragmented processes everywhere. After Carepatron: Everything's captured and organized in one place, you're on top of things, records are clear and your work feels more manageable.

"Our goal at Carepatron is to democratize healthcare technology. This means delivering a free care platform for all healthcare professionals across the globe. We want to ensure all people have access to the tools they need to do their job safely. Today, workers get sick and some even die due to not having access to the basic technology which other industries take for granted. It is completely bananas that your average retail assistant has access to better technology than a Doctor, Nurse or Caregiver.”  said Jamie Frew, Co-founder and CEO.

In recent times the demand for healthcare apps and software has skyrocketed. There are 400,000 healthcare apps hosted in app stores alone. According to the app usage data, most of the healthcare apps have less than 10,000 downloads. Unfortunately, almost all healthcare apps provide singular functions rather than enabling the overall care process. Both of these factors limit their success. We believe that to deliver meaningful change we need to empower healthcare workers, patients and their families with a free solution which they can sign up to and start using in 20 seconds.

“COVID-19 has highlighted many known issues across the healthcare sector. We will put the power back into the hands of those who do the work or receive the care—thus reducing the impact of cost-cutting, bureaucracy and self-interest which heavily influences management level decisions in our global healthcare systems” said Jamie Frew, Co-founder and CEO.

Patients and their families want real-time access and visibility of their care. They generally look for basic functionalities like scheduling, easy access to medical records and video or instant messaging. The data suggests that only 11% of healthcare technology offer even one of the above basic functionalities. What's even more concerning is that only 2% of healthcare providers can engage with a patient via their technology platform. Based on the data, it's clear that healthcare providers have an incredible opportunity to improve patient satisfaction with a better care app.

We are coming in August 2020. We are offering priority access to those who register now. For more information on Carepatron, please visit www.carepatron.com.

Jamie Frew, CEO & Co-Founder at Carepatron, says:
"Our goal at Carepatron is to democratize healthcare technology. This means delivering a free care platform for all healthcare professionals across the globe."
"Carepatron is the worlds first free care platform."
"Feel in control of your work, and produce better care, when you capture and facilitate it all on Carepatron."
"We're in business to support better healthcare for everyone on our planet."
"We need to help healthcare workers by providing them with better tools to help them do their jobs safely."
"Healthcare technology is fundamentally broken."

What our customers say about us:
"The best tool in 35 years of nursing" - Prisha, Nurse Practioner.
"Not sure how we even survived before Carepatron" - Nadia, Care Assistant.
"Precisely what we needed" - Barbara, Nurse.
"I spend less time on admin" - Jan, General Manager.
“Great to have my daughter involved in my care” - Mary, retiree
“Keeps us connected with nans caregiver!” - Olivia, Student
“How did this not exist before?” - Mia, Managerut Carepatron:
We're in business to support better healthcare for everyone on our planet.

Carepatron is committed to supporting those who provide or receive healthcare with access to a simple care management and collaboration hub. We appreciate that healthcare across all corners of our planet is inherently challenging. We aim to use our time, our skills, our voice and our imaginations—to do something about it.

We have attached a link to our media kit, including press release if you may be interested.