Carie Health (Carie) is an innovative platform that brings patients and their own primary care physicians closer with the use of simple mobile technologies. By connecting patients with their own trusted doctors (or only if preferred, the next available local doctor), Carie creates a complete care solution, both in-office and virtual, that’s affordable for patients and physicians.

“Our recipe is simple and wildly revolutionary at the same time. We connect the consumer with their own doctor, then let them maintain and even improve the core doctor-patient relationship,” explains Matt Wanderer, founder & CEO of Carie Health.

Carie makes physicians’ visits easier and more convenient while also helping physicians make the transition to the telehealth industry. With the company’s patient-onboarding tools, a personalized patient site, and proactive built-in digital marketing tools, patients can use video to consult with their primary care physician, specialist or any participating provider anytime, anywhere.