Profit By Social Media offers a full range of strategy to implementation series focusing on driving revenue.  Services include: Masterminds, Executive Coaching, Business Evaluations and Set up and implementation. Core social media platforms include: LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  

Profit by Social Media is a division of Revenue Attraction, http://www.RevenueAttraction in partnership with Lori Ruff, The LinkedIn Diva

Mastermind LinkedIn® an exclusive executive series for high-achieving business professionals and entrepreneurs who want to leverage the power of social media as a tool to generate revenue, improve economic profitability and accelerate career growth. We are pioneers and leaders in the LinkedIn® community but not affiliated with the LinkedIn® Company.

Our commitment to you is that you will learn "How to LinkedIn®":
★ Attract and engage new clients
★ Achieve and exceed existing marketing and sales goals
★ Improve job security and desirability to recruiters
★ Optimize your LinkedIn profile using proven SEO tactics
★ Identify and create the “right” LinkedIn® network
★ Develop a consistent business and personal brand message on LinkedIn
★ Improve ability to be found on the internet and LinkedIn to increase traffic
★ Leverage the explosive power of LinkedIn®, Facebook, and Twitter
★ Learn 10 secrets not often shared by the top LinkedIn® authorities.

Join other Executives as you are guided by Carol Smith CEO and Lori Ruff, TheLinkedInDiva.com.

LinkedIn® is widely regarded as THE preeminent business social media tool for professionals serious about enterprise and executive careers. LinkedIn® facilitates access, trust and public and private conversations between micro, small, medium and global companies. You’ve heard the success stories; perhaps you’ve experienced some level of success yourself. It’s time to embrace the power of LinkedIn® to launch your next victory.

Professionals serious about connecting with the right audience to expand their influence and to increase profitability and accelerate their careers: executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, trainers and recruiters.

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