We really understand waterfront and luxury real estate in Brevard County. Many agents or companies say that, but we have the numbers to prove it. With over 35 million sold in 2013 and more waterfront transactions than any other agent or Team in S. Brevard County from 2009 – 2013 (over 105 waterfront transactions) we are the waterfront leaders. If you own or are buying a waterfront property, why work with anyone else?

How do we continue to out produce the competition? We believe each residence has a unique story to tell, and our marketing team collaborates to tell your story in a more innovative way than any brokerage in Florida, with a customized marketing plan bespoke to the character of your residence. When purchasing, we actually listen to the Buyer’s needs and know exactly what to show them, without wasting the customer’s time.

We are firm believers that a team will always outperform an individual. With a multitude of experience, each team member has a specific and vital role to play in selling your home. There are no second string players at Carpenter / Kessel.

We strive for the best outcome, consistently outperforming the status quo to achieve the best results for our clients. We deliver groundbreaking marketing that demands more than the market mediocrity. Your home is your most expensive asset, It doesn’t cost more to work with the best so why risk the investment?