Providing automatic carpool group matching based on specific carpool group selection criteria, the website also provides instant communication between carpool group members and includes an OPT-OUT utility that will allow a carpool group member to OPT-OUT of the carpool for a day or number of days while automatically informing the other members of the carpool group via email that they will not be participating in the carpool during the OPT-OUT period.

Other features of Carpool Network USA include internal messaging, Carpool Group Member CHAT where carpool group members can CHAT with each other in real time to discuss plans for the carpool, a carpool group oriented blog forum and many other features specific to creating and maintaining a carpool.

Carpool Network USA's RIDE-4-A-DAY feature provides users with the facilities to secure a ride for a day from an origination city to a destination city based on departure date and return date. Targeting college students it is open to the public without having to pay for full membership as a carpooling member and provides a seven day access to the member area to match on specific RIDE-4-A-DAY selection criteria.