Imagine being so far ahead of the curve, virtually everyone is missing it, even when forecasted. Doing so multiple times over several decades, in the technology space, in the B2B space. Below are some examples of this thought leadership. How valuable would this skill be to an organization?
•     Foretold the explosive growth of cellular, back when McCaw Cellular was a small business in Kirkland, WA. Until AT&T purchased them for $3.1B and named it AT&T Wireless. And his leadership directed him to ignore it because it would never go anywhere but he risked his career to stay engaged.
•     Envisioned “managed services” (an OPEX model that puts the asset control & expertise in a 3rd party’s hands, now a ubiquitous service model in the B2B space), then putting it in place for a Fortune 500 company, back in 1990.
•     Positioned his employer for a 100% commitment to a bleeding edge technology to be rolled out to customers, and doing so with 100% success, while the marketplace at large, 15 years later, has yet to match that success. And yes, the market did adopt the same technical standard.
•     Created a new framework of managing two of the arguably most crucial, money-related items a company deals with, sales revenue and vendor expenses. One, to cite one example, following a presentation to a CIO, resulted in being told they wanted to award as much of their business as possible to the presenting team. The other framework recently had multiple aspects of the same work acknowledged in the book Profit from the Source, published by the Harvard Business Review.

Paradigm Consulting (www.paradigm-results.com) has been founded by the very gentlemen referenced in all the points above. The question now, will the marketplace seize the potential? Can Paradigm successfully convey their abilities?

Paradigm’s focus now is applying their definition of Stewardship to both an organization’s sales efforts (B2B focus) as well as their vendor management. They can be offered independently as they are not co-dependent.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jeff Odland at 208-755-2759 or email at jeff@perfution.com or see Paradigm’s website www.Paradigm-Results.com