Cars For Less is a marketing company. Our service is to make your dream car affordable. Through our car advertisements, we offer you the opportunity to subsidise your monthly income.

How does it work?
You may be wondering how we could make your dream car affordable. The answer is simple: our marketing model. By applying our car advertisements to your car, you help our website facilitate car sales. For each successful transaction associated with your unique identity code (UIC) we pay you a cash commission.

If you plan to buy a car from us, you can use this opportunity to assist with the car payment, fuel, or boosting your monthly income.

This is how it works:
1.     When buying a new or used car from CarsForLess you will automatically be given the opportunity to become an advertising agent for CarsForLess., or for a limited time only, you can apply to become an agent simply SMS “AGENT” to 48112.

2.     We provide you with a unique identity code (UIC), which you will display on your vehicle and all your other marketing material.

3.     You receive the car advertisements that you can apply to the back window of your car. This will advertise CarsForLess, or any associated branding.

4.     You download marketing material from our website.

5.     You can then track SMS requests and applications associated with your UIC on your personal profile page.

6.     You can also track commission earnings on your personal profile page.

7.     You get paid for successful car sales associated with your UIC.

How much can I earn?
•     R1500 for each successful sale of a car priced between R30 000 – R80 000
•     R2000 for each successful sale of a car priced between R80 000 – R130000
•     R2500 for each successful sale of a car priced more than R130 000.

As an advertising agent, you:
•     Earn cash by simply driving your dream car.
•     Receive an SMS to notify you of any successful transactions associated with your advertisement.
•     Track your SMS leads and earnings for each month on your online personal profile page.
•     Receive extra measures to help advertise CarsForLess, such as flyers, business cards and e-mail signatures.

Cars For less offer great deals on:
We can help you to buy and afford a wide range of new cars.
Once you have decided on the brand and model new car you would like to buy we will gladly assist you to source and buy it through our network of associated dealerships that span across the country.

We have a national database of available approved used cars that is updated everyday, but in the unlikely event that the specific used car of your dreams is not listed on our database, we will source it for you.
We sell approved used cars according to your specifications.