At Easy Remail, your privacy and anonymity are our top priority.  We remail postcards, letters, and packages and have them postmarked in Phoenix or prestigious Scottsdale, Arizona.  We can even hand address the parcel for you so the intended recipient won't recognize your handwriting!

Our service is available for anyone who wishes to send mail anonymously.  Are services are perfect for the following people, to name just a few:

- Anyone wishing to send mail from an anonymous location!
- Anyone wishing to keep their information completely anonymous and private.
- Anyone who has had mail refused by the intended recipient because he or she recognized the return address or post mark.
- Those wishing to send legal documents from a different location because the recipient has been uncooperative (check on the validity of this option in your jurisdiction).
- Lovers / internet daters - keep your location private until you feel comfortable revealing your information.
- Secret admirers.
- Anonymous gift-givers and charitable donors.
- Anyone wishing to appear that they live or do business exclusively from a certain location.
- Retired persons wishing to appear that they are Arizona snowbirds!
- Parents / ex-spouses wishing to re-connect with their loved ones.
- Persons sending letters of reconciliation.
- Trust companies and attorneys who wish to safeguard client information.
- Famous people, who for privacy and security reasons wish to make it appear that they are in a different location.
- Frequent travelers - keep friends and family from knowing your actual travel destination.

Please visit www.easyremail.com today for more information!