Case Marine is the latest in Smartphone Case technology offering users seamless protection for their smartphone device against Dust, Dirt, Snow and Water at only 0.25mm thin, whilst retaining full user functionality.

At present in order to protect your smartphone you either have the choice of a bombproof case or watertight bag and this is where Case Marine’s slim-line styling really sets it aside from the competition allowing your smartphone to retain its style alongside its substance.

The case itself is made from a durable patented polyurethane material and offers users a quick and easy solution to protecting their smartphone, inside each pack you get 1 x Re Usable Case Marine Skin, 1 x Re Usable Oversized Case Marine Bumper, 10 x Single Use Sealing Stickers and a Multi-Language User Guide.

Holding an IPX8 rating Case Marine gives users confidence whilst using their smartphone underwater to a depth of 10 meters, allowing photos to be taken or videos to be shot whilst submerged.

Such is the confidence in the Case Marine technology the case is also the only protective case on the market that offers users a product warranty that protects both the Case Marine and the Smartphone inside.

Case Marine have recently released their new Case Marine for iPhone 5 to coincide with the Gadget Show Live @ Christmas and looks set to be one of the hottest cases available for the Sport, Holiday and Workplace users.

The current case is available for a number of popular devices including the iPhone 4/4s, Samsung Galaxy S2 and just released iPhone 5. Case Marine is available to buy online now for only £24.99. So why don’t you… ‘Teach your Smartphone how to Swim’

Case Marine can be purchased worldwide from the online store at www.casemarine.net