Fang Shway in L.A.
For centuries, wizards working for the World Council have protected humanity from the supernatural horrors - living undetected among them. Lauren Simon is the wizard in charge of defending the citizens of Los Angeles. She has a flair for fashion and a knack for dispatching the undead, deranged demons and freaky fae -they’re not all cuddly little sprites.
Lauren must stop a turf war between the powerful Prince of the Los Angeles Vampire thrall and a Mexican drug cartel -usually the two killing each other would be a win-win situation. A better question was why these two were fighting. It didn’t make sense: they were both into drugs and prostitution and there were more than enough buyers and sellers to go around.
Lauren faces perhaps the toughest obstacles to job of keeping Los Angeles and its citizens save. The vampires have a contract out on her life, for a murder she didn’t commit. A Daywalker challenged her to a fight to the death in the USC Coliseum. She would keep the Trojans undefeated streak alive or die trying. And a rogue wizard was trying to steal the Sphere of Destiny, a relic so old and evil that Hitler coveted it. She can’t afford to fail; she is the only one standing between the citizens of Los Angeles and supernatural death and destruction.
Dragon Down
Lauren Simon is the wizard in charge of protecting the citizens of Los Angeles from the supernatural denizens of the city. She gets her assignments from the World Council of Wizards. But her latest challenge is personal; her fiancé Traygen is missing and presumed dead. Traygen is a dragon changeling and the prince of ancient Irish kingdom. He was fighting Viking raiders and vampires when he disappeared.
Lauren enlists the help of the council before traveling to Ireland to find Traygen. She is accompanied by Tokem; he is a six inch tall sylph and the third member of their team. The two track him to the Isle of Man off the coast of Ireland with the help of Traygen’s dragons. The Vikings have traded Traygen to the vampires and no one knows where he was taken or why.
Lauren realizing that they need help contacts the council which offers to send Zane. He has been to the Black Court and survived. The three set sail to find the Paradise Islands; the enchanted and veiled home of the four vampire courts. Zane directs them to the Jade Court where they find an exiled vampire who was left to die. Corbin agrees to help leading their search through Red Court where Zane is killed. They arrive at the Black Court where they are finally captured. Corbin’s father grateful that his son is alive frees them. Leaving the vampire courts behind, their search leads them to an underwater world where their search ends.