Our Specialties

We help individuals, schools, churches and all businesses to get started on an exciting and profitable fundraising journey by simply recycling your used toner and ink cartridges. We hope that you will use our website to learn more about us and our mission, to explore the possibilities for fundraising for you or your organization and to answer any questions that you may have regarding any area of our program.  Our customer services reps are always available to answer any questions you may have by our online chat, Email or by phone.  We are eager to help you get started with your cartridge fundraising program today.

Our Company History

Established in 1996

I started Valuecore in a two room apartment in 1996 as a computer and printer repair business.  We quickly out grew this and moved into a 1000 square foot building where we continued to grow the business. We became a HP authorized service center for hp laser printers.  We started selling printer supplies as a part of our printer service which led us to collecting all the empty cartridges our customers used.  The empty cartridges started to pile up in our little 1000 square foot building and I need to find something responsible to to with them.  After much research I decided to reuse the cartridges by remanufacturing them for our customers.  This created our next problem,  our supply of empties was not enough to supply our customers.  I came up with a way to acquire more cartridges by creating a fundraising program (Cash-4-Kids) for schools and businesses by collecting empty cartridges and getting paid for them. We are now in a 25K sq ft facility.