Cash Practice® is a superb web-based system that allows you to create Life-Time Clients in the Click of a Button™. The Cash Plan Calculator® System lets you create 100% customizable care plans that patients say yes to. The Auto-Debit® System allows you to schedule auto-debits and collect one time payments. It even includes a mobile application. It can even compliantly store billing on file so your patient never has to pull out their wallet again! Your patients’ accounts will be automatically debited, whether or not you are in the office, and patients can choose between flexible payment options. The Drip Education® System automates your patient education and streamlines email marketing. The Wellness Score™ is an exciting, breakthrough wellness-based software application that clearly explains to your patients why their optimum health is much more than just "symptom management." This new software program will help you define to each new patient the importance of objective measurements beyond symptoms and how they specifically relate to their own health. This is done by giving your patients their Wellness Score "grade" and the accompanying report. Combined, this will help them manage what you've measured -- a win-win for you and for your patients.

The Cash Practice® tools are proven to strengthen client retention and balance profitability in your practice. Using Cash Practice® increases the chances that patients will stay with your wellness plans for the long term. Cash Practice® is PCI compliant, and the cash plans have been submitted and reviewed by the California Department of Managed Care as required by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

The Cash Practice® philosophy is, “When you remove the physical act of having your patients pay for your services and combine that with consistent patient education and great customer service, your patients innately stay under your care.” It really is that simple!

CEO and founder Dr. Miles Bodzin is a sought after speaker on the subjects of patient retention and how to run a cash-based practice.