In the cities.
In rural communities.
In urban neighborhoods.
Throughout Central and Western Missouri
Catholic Charities is fulfilling its mission
to provide compassionate social services to those in need.

Offering over forty programs from eight offices and a network of 39  community-based service sites throughout Missouri, Catholic Charities is one of the leading providers of services to people in need – people of all races, ages and faiths.  In fact, more than 70 percent of those served are not Catholic.  Likewise, Catholic Charities’ employees and supporters reflect the diversity of our community.

When clients seek help from Catholic Charities – whether for emergency assistance, a crisis pregnancy or another need  - they enter into a network of caring that ranges from counseling to financial education to intensive case management.

The spectrum of programs offered by Catholic Charities include:

Advocacy for poor and vulnerable
Housing counseling
Foreclosure intervention
Assistance to adjust to life after prison
Services for homeless persons
Homeless prevention
Programs for at-risk youth
Adoption services
Adoption search
Emergency assistance
Mental health counseling
Foster care/ foster parent support
Services for pregnant women
Family strengthening program
Hispanic outreach
Ministry with persons with disabilities
Rural economic development
In-home services for seniors
Nutrition sites and meal delivery
Senior centers
Resources and referral
Consulting and training services
Health screenings
Assistance to domestic abuse survivors
Affordable sousing for seniors

The combined expertise of our staff and the investment of our community is an essential part of empowering families and individuals in need to build on their strengths, set goals and to reach for economic stability.

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