Inspired by the agelessness of love and Italian romance, CATTIVA is a fashion forward, anti-aging line of cosmetics that is mineral based and highly pigmented to meet the needs of both makeup artists and the everyday woman. Antioxidant-rich formulas and rich, long lasting colors adorned in crystal-studded compacts make Cattiva the first and only line to simplify a woman’s beauty routine, and introduce a couture line of cosmetics enhanced with natural anti-aging ingredients and attitude.  

Our virtually weightless formulas and light-reflective minerals conceal blemishes and fine lines, leaving skin flawless and radiant. With every product, from Il Primo Bacio (first kiss) Lip gloss to Tutto Giorno (all day) Eye Shadows, our mission is to offer women a fashion forward line of cosmetics that has all of the sought-after anti-aging properties, in addition to an array of colors that can only be found in high-end artistry lines. Through natural cosmetics free of paraben and talc but loaded with minerals and antioxidants, Cattiva is the product for women who want to care for their skin….fashionably!

As a former national model and ABC television host, Joelle Maryn has worked alongside top Make-up Artists in New York and Los Angeles. She was elected Mrs. Austin America 2011, and finished in the top 5 at the Mrs. Texas America Pageant. After years in Hollywood learning about the cosmetics industry and loving the surge of confidence and identity it offers women, she became a skilled makeup artist and found passion in sharing her artistry and skills with others. Through her sought-after expertise and experience as a well-known artist, it became her vision to create a line that simplified the beauty routine, defied age, and helped women feel beautiful and empowered. In 2008, Maryn launched Cattiva as the cutting edge, high fashion, anti-aging mineral line that offers all the pigment and glamour of high-end artistry lines in crystal-studded packaging inspired by romantic Italian couture.  

With Cattiva as a celebrity favorite, Maryn is proud to leverage her voice in the entertainment and beauty industry to bring aid to underprivileged adults and homeless teens in need. Join our mailing list, follow us on Twitter, or “like” us on Facebook for information about our promotions and events throughout the year that benefit youth homeless shelters and breast cancer research.