Healthy Hair.  Healthy Body.  Healthy Planet.

Everything is connected.  What we consume affects our health and the planet's health.  Whether it's the food we eat or the shampoo we use, it's becoming more and more important to consume responsibly.  

We're Cause Hair and Body Care.  

We make awesome organically-based shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, and we have an environmental focus at our core.  
We believe brands have important obligations beyond making great products, which is why we're designed to donate 50% of profits with great environmental causes.  
Our donation initiative isn't a gimmick or campaign - it's our lifeblood.   We’re not using charities to help us support profits; we’re using our profits to help support charities.  

We're launching a campaign on Indiegogo because, after 3 years of work, we're ready to share our products and our mission with you.  

We believe many people share our values, which is why we've created Cause Hair and Body Care.   With your help, we will build a brand that (1) produces great shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, and (2) can can meaningfully help sustainability and environmental conservation initiatives.