Since its creation in 1926, the Cegos Group has developed into Europe's leading player and one of the world's top providers of professional and continuing training. Cegos currently employs 1,200 people and operates in over 30 countries worldwide through its subsidiaries and partner distributors. The Group generated sales of €168 million in 2012.

Its consultants' expertise covers every area of skills management and development, and enables the Group to roll out large-scale training programmes  worldwide.

Backed by this deep knowledge of the corporate world, Cegos trains 220,000 people around the globe every year, in open or in-house courses. The Group has a comprehensive product range (www.cegos.com.sg) that extends from off-the-shelf courses to bespoke solutions. Its ‘multimodal' approach draws on all of the currently-available learning formats. Alone or in partnership with universities and top educational facilities, the Group also offers 90 certificate or diploma courses.

With a 15-year presence in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region, the Cegos regional head office in Singapore enables us to continue providing innovative and flexible learning across borders, cultures and languages.

Our mantra “Think Global, Learn Local” ensures that we constantly adapt our approach, creating solutions that suit the diversity of APAC-specific locales while staying aligned with global organisational frameworks.

Cegos Asia Pacific offers a unique, more inclusive approach that provides a multilingual, cross-cultural, one-stop-shop. By aligning training with corporate goals while cultivating a strong local flavour for the target country, we facilitate the flexible context-appropriate training that global companies need; delivered in any format be it face to face, blended learning or standalone eLearning.

Visit us at www.cegos.com.sg to discover how we can help you to build sustainable performance for your Managers and Teams.