CellPoint Mobile maximises mobility and enables more content, more connections, more revenue and better margins. Mobility has surpassed the total global internet traffic and m-payments are doubling each year. This means millions of corporations can now engage with their customers anywhere anytime. But regardless of physical or digital channels, the brand still has to provide a smooth experience that remains firmly embedded in business and consumers' lives.
Mobility changes the rules of business engagement and requires all companies to take a new perspective on this complex reality. Traditional payments and consumer value added services are colliding, and this is creating new opportunities and channels in the market. The main question you need to ask is: Are we as company relevant to the needs of our customers? Most likely the answer is yes. So the next question is how? The answer is mobility. In short, a digital strategy including mobile and mCommerce has become an essential part of any modern business, ensuring focus on increasing revenues and improved margins.

The ability to meet customers on all digital platforms and adapt to their needs and requirements in real-time is key to business success today. We see interaction and transaction as key elements. Industries are increasing their focus on realising bottom line opportunities, using a digital channel strategy based on foundational technologies, including mobility.
CellPoint Mobile provides Commerce Orchestration infrastructure to companies dedicated to serving and interacting with their customers across all channels. We'll help you develop a cross channel platform that improves profitability, innovation and customer service and increases sales, loyalty and ancillary revenue.
We specialise in business-critical solutions that bring instant value in a long-term infrastructure. Based on our proven technology platform, we offer a full suite of solutions from payment, fraud mitigation and ticketing to loyalty and shopping, as well as consultancy services.
We use the discipline Commerce Orchestration to structure business and technology. This strategic framework is the foundation for realising immediate value in a long-term infrastructure. CellPoint Mobile's Commerce Orchestration enables seamless integration of data and services across disparate systems and channels. This ensures a flexible, cost reducing and future proof architecture with a strong emphasis on reuse of existing technology investments, extending the lifecycle of legacy environments.

Transportation, retail and financial services are our field of expertise. And clients in these diverse sectors keep us on our toes every day. We're dedicated to analysing, orchestrating and deploying solutions from our mobility suite in secure infrastructure so you can fulfil their digital strategy.

CellPoint Mobile - we bring mobility to life.