Cellnetrix GmbH is an independent software house established in 2007 and focused on development of innovative embedded technologies for security-sensitive Machine to Machine and Internet of Things applications enhancing mobile security, confidentiality and trust.

Today Cellnetrix implements software on different hardware platforms and delivers industry-grade secure embedded systems supporting Java virtual machines for small power-constrained devices such as smart cards, embedded (U)SIMs and sensors, as well as customized software stacks and middleware. To date, our CellSIM operating system for smart cards and trusted devices can be found in more than 150 million mobile devices worldwide.

Company puts at the moment a strong focus on emerging technologies such as Embedded UICC and reprogrammable USIM, which enable secure provisioning of the profile and activation of network subscriptions directly in consumer devices without a conventional SIM card.
We offer flexible and consistent business models, which enable our customers: silicon and hardware manufacturers, mobile and virtual network operators as well as smart card companies to integrate featured components within own solutions and deliver innovative products to final consumers. This approach makes it possible to implement and deliver completely tailor-made software, which can be further enhanced and adapted after the delivery.
Our embedded software is fully based on cross-industry standards such as ISO, ETSI, IETF, Global Platform and Oracle’s Java Card.

Cellnetrix GmbH is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany with a branch office and development center in Zelenograd, a satellite city near Moscow, Russia.