Men's Accessories Shop is an international marketplace featuring the best of unique, new, made-to-order and vintage jewelry accessories in the world. From retro watches to tie bars, tie clips, tie tacks and money clips, customers around the world love our selection of rare pieces.

Why buy used stuff? Buying vintage is a great way to get quality accessories for less money, an alternative to buying new and paying higher prices. It is important to us to recycle and reuse items over and over again. Our business models comprise of items that can be refurbished, reused, re-purposed. Our mission is help improve the environment in every business we enter.

If you like what you see here and want more ... We have over 10,000 accessories in stock at all times.  

Get a monthly delivery of unique accessories ranging from cufflinks, ties, tie bars, money clips, lapel pins and more vintage men's accessories tailored to your personal style. Fill out the style profile and our experts will select for you 2-3 accessories a month that will enhance your overall look. Never feel worried that you don't have cufflinks for that wedding, or a tie bar for that job interview.


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