Founded by practitioners in Law Enforcement, Private Security, and the Military Sectors- Centerfire Training & Consulting is a South Florida based tactical training school offering basic to advanced training for individuals working in the law enforcement, security, and military industries, as well as courses open to the public. Whether you are looking for a Basic Pistol Shooting Course for the new owner or advanced precision long distance shooting courses for hunting and/or law enforcement and military applications, we offer it.

We founded our company on one core principle;

‚Äč     ...offer the best training that is available to active and future members of the security, law enforcement, and military industries as well as private citizens that is based on years of practical experience for our instructors.  

In addition to training services, Centerfire provides consulting services to various organizations including (but not limited to): Home owners associations, private social clubs, defense legal teams, private investigators, school criminal justice programs, firearms ranges, shooting clubs, and private individuals and businesses. Our staff consists of retired Federal officers, local police officers, private security contractors, and executive protection specialists. Just with our in-house personnel, we have vast experience in the criminal justice field and can provide clinical and information gathering skills that most organizations do not have the time or experience to do.