Centricity Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that focuses on branding, relationship building and communicating with existing and potential clientele with an authentic voice. We do this through:
• strategic marketing initiatives
• public relations campaigns
• social media strategies
• event planning and execution
• image and brand definition
• promotional items
• customer service training
We partner with experts in graphic design and web design to help dynamically build a business and solidify their brand.

The strongest brands in the world compose marketing messages that communicate to the psyche of a consumer - and are backed by a great product, of course.

That’s what Centricity Consulting specializes in...creating something that makes the viewer react. Whether it’s an identity that’s sophisticated or clean & simple, a brand voice with lots of character or straight-forward & professional, a clever tag-line, emotional imagery, an event that impacts a community and creates a buzz...whatever your vision, we create it & then strategically design a marketing package to present all of those messages in a creative and unique way that grabs the attention of your customer and compels them to react. We make the customer experience memorable- it’s ALL in the details.

Our marketing ideas resonate, evoke emotion, and build a base of devoted customers. It all starts with a STRONG brand... with personality...and a clear identity.

Because you don’t simply want customers, you want loyal, passionate, enthusiastic followers that spread the word about your brand for you.