Cerise & Co. Pearl Jewellery based in Sydney offers an incredible selection of genuine pearl jewellery, specialising in pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl cufflinks. Our pearl jewellery is available at very competitive prices due to our direct access to the pearl sources with no intermediaries involved.

Cerise & Co.'s brand is built on quality. Every pearl that carries the Cerise & Co. brand is chosen for its quality. Under the highest levels of quality control, each piece of pearl jewellery is designed using top quality pearls and fine craftsmanship.

Our designers work closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure that we offer beautiful pearl jewellery designs for every occasion and budget. In short, our pearl jewellery is renowned for its designs, fine craftsmanship and value for money.  We invite you to visit our online store www.ceriseco.com.au to explore the beauty of our pearl jewellery collection.