Certified Records Management, CRM,  is a member of the 2-20 family of companies providing Smart Storage Solutions®  through out Florida.

CRM is the leading provider of Document and Information Management Services through out Florida. CRM’s facilities, services, procedures, software and leading edge technology guarantee that clients receive superior service at competitive rates. In many cases, CRM’s proven systems and dedicated professionals have reduced the costs associated with managing, storing and retrieving records by as much as 50%.

Started in 1999, CRM has developed an infrastructure that has been designed to satisfy best practices, yet is easy to implement and use. CRM has taken all of the uncertainty out of the Records Management process.

CRM has designed a program of services, Smart Storage Solutions®  to provide total document life cycle management, from creation through destruction. CRM can also assist in designing a program that is compliant with Federal, State and Local Statutes, including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other recent laws.

Investigating CRM's service offerings is easy. Contact us and CRM will perform a no-cost analysis of your current system, and offer suggestions on how CRM can improve service and reduce costs.