Cerulean Games, Inc. is a small, professional game company that boasts over 20 years combined experience in the world of developing video games. From simple, easily white-branded products to developing an exciting iPhone game for a major franchise, Cerulean Games is here to meet your needs, regardless of project size. Our small team size means we are easily able to devote full attention to product, and monitor it from initialization to launch day. Everyone here is devoted to providing you, our client, with the fastest development times combined with the polish you would expect of a Triple-A title. We are committed to focusing on how your needs can be met, and how we can make it happen. At Cerulean Games, we believe that with a little extra effort, and implementing the best technologies possible, we can deliver a product, not just a promise.

Dave Calabrese, our President and CEO, founded the company in 2010. Dave conceived Cerulean Games as a company that would allow him to serve the needs of the companies seeking to have games developed for the emerging mobile platforms, as well as exploring and working on his own intellectual properties. Additionally, Dave has brought on a staff of experienced programmers, artists, and quality assurance testers to ensure that Cerulean’s production value remains at the utmost highest. From initially developing small, easy to program games for the iPhone to a custom massively-multiplayer-online game to handling the programming of an exciting iPhone game for a major franchise, Cerulean Games has proven that our team is solid and can handle any project that comes their way.

Over the course of the past year, Cerulean has shifted its focus away from the Torque game engine to the Unity game engine, which allows the team to produce high quality results with less intensive programming. What this means for our clients is a more robust game environment, more stability and polish in the final product, and a quicker production time. Additionally, with the Unity engine we can simultaneously build out to multiple platforms, which means we can deliver more bang for our clients’ buck. Want that game on iPhone and Android? Sure, we can do that.

Throughout the development, process, from first contact to title launch, Cerulean Games will handle every step with the utmost care. We are committed to being a high-touch studio, and we believe in constant and timely communication. The more we know about what you want to see, the better we can develop and implement those items. Communication also allows us and our testing team to find bugs early and squash them before they mutate into something larger and more time consuming. We are always a phone call or email away, and our team is willing to put in the effort to go that extra mile for our clients’ satisfaction.

Overall, Cerulean Games strives to bring the best value, the best production, and the best development to our clients. Our team stands ready to tackle any project and nothing is outside our reach. We have proven that size does matter, and in the competitive world of game development, small and agile is better than large and cumbersome. We are dedicated and devoted to the developing the best, and Cerulean Games will be glad to prove that we’re more than just a color.