Attorney Norman Sirak, once fought successfully for civil rights of 3500 prisoners in the state of Ohio. This Landmark class action Case was finally won in the U.S. Supreme Court.  Now Attorney Norman Sirak has transferred those same stellar skills to helping homeowners to Challenge the Foreclosures on their homes.

Homeowners whose mortgages were initiated from 2001-2008 can benefit from Attorney Sirak's Quiet Title Lawsuit Strategy. These loans were packaged and sold as mortgage backed securities.  Attorney Sirak uses the documents on your mortgage as self authenticating and SHOWS That NONE of the following are ENTITLED to bring a foreclosure action against your home:

1.  Not the Trustee
2.  Not Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS)
3.  Not Your Servicer of your Mortgage

The KEY to a Favorable outcome is to NOT wait until your home has been sold or auctioned. You cannot file for a Quiet Title if you no longer have an interest legally in the property.

Attorney Norman Sirak can be reached at 330 478 1100.