We are an organization that specializes in teaching dance to children, youth and adults with special needs.  Chance 2 Dance hires professional dancers who are college educated and gets them certified in inclusion and special needs from the Childcare Education Institute.

We create partnerships with organizations in Central Florida, we started in 2016 teaching 4 individuals at 1 location, but we have grown to over 500 individuals in over 12 locations currently. And we recently partnered with Joyful Music Therapy and host classes in their location in Winter Park.

Our instructors create relationships with our partners; they also create goals and a curriculum that are appropriate for the groups they teach. Our organizational goal is to be the highlight of the day for those who we work with, while at the same time creating purposeful movement that will benefit the individuals gross motor skills, confidence, ability to take instruction and much more. The typical class structure is 30-45 minutes weekly per group.

Each year, we have at least one performance, but usually we have one in the winter and one at the end of the term. These are important, as they give our students something to look forward to, and are a unique opportunity for family and loved ones to watch.

Chance 2 Dance exists to serve organizations that are looking for enrichment activities to provide to their students and want to add value to the education that they provide.