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Whether you need to have your teeth cleaned or you would like a total smile makeover, you have come to the right dental practice. While our primary goal is to create and maintain the dental health of our patients, we do not overlook the patient’s desire to create the perfect smile. The smile transformations that Dentist Higgs has created have changed the lives of many of his patients.

Cosmetic reconstructive dentistry is an artistic endeavor as is reflected in our office decor and ambiance. We want our patients to feel relaxed and confident.

Chandler Dentist - Charting Station Communicating what can be done for patients is a challenge. Dentist Higgs always takes the time to discuss what can be done for each individual patient. You can view before and after photos of actual patients who have had the same or similar work performed. Additionally, photographs of our patients' new smiles are displayed throughout the office so you can glimpse the beauty that a well designed smile imparts.

Our TLCâ„¢ large screen overhead TV monitors also allow you to view pictorial images and X-rays of your teeth.