fiction and science fiction that shows the balance of body, mind and spirit in life.
If you’d like to examine the moments that make you who you are, you’ll enjoy "Enigma". You may be surprised to learn it’s not just the big moments that last, but certain conversations and smaller things you’ve observed along the way.

If you’d like to have a rollicking philosophical adventure with five headstrong personalities, read "The Time Thief". The cemetery scene, alone, makes the trip worthwhile. When these five personalities merge, they can end wars.

But if you’d like to know what life in Daytona in the year 3022 is like, you’ll have to wait until July, 2016 for Sorry and Morticum. The rivers and oceans have all evaporated and a conscious fog now covers the land. After the Robotic, Insect and Climate Wars, many of the hidden creatures of the earth rise to the surface. Mutants, Sea Sprites, Mutmuts, Freemonkeys, Wizards, Werewolves and, yes, humans must work together to overcome surreal obstacles to recreate earth's former glory. Suspend disbelief and dive in.