About the McDonald Team At Wilkinson and Associates in Charlotte
Terry McDonald Real Estate is a team of Charlotte Real estate brokers at Wilkinson and Associates dedicated  to Buyer agency and bringing families and singles to Charlotte NC.

Most Realtors are pretty good talkers, but I think you'll find we are far better listeners.  We are relationship oriented, web based and totally devoted to our clients interests. That means we need to know your goals, we always tell the truth, and communicate that to you,  both good and bad, to help you make the right decision.  If you read my posts at TerryMcdonaldRealEstate or Charlotte Communities you'll see a lot of this in action.
I try and speak the truth to the issues of the day- in general real estate and for my clients. .

Someone asked me the other day, how are you different?
Sounds corny, but we begin with the end in mind: Our only stake in this? Your happiness.
That is our 1st, 2nd and3rd goal.
If we help you get what you want, we'll get what we want,  a satisfied customer and more than likely referrals down the road.  It is pretty fair to say that families moving to Charlotte or within Charlotte are seeking the same thing- happiness for themselves and their family.   I tell folks we want you to be happy not only the day you move in  but a year later too.  That is 100% success to us, and it's what earns us referrals and future business.

We also believe that transparent real estate is better real estate, the more you know the better, and there is nothing we do that can not stand the light of day.

We Do Not practice personal dual agency, we do Not accept Seller bonusses when working as Buyer Agents.

Meet Terry and his team at his site at http://www.terrymcdonaldrealestate.com See his #1 You Tube video href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qynTSwYIQsc"  here

Results Matter

In a client satisfaction survey of more than 30,000 home transactions in Charlotte in 2008, Terry was nominated and recently named a Top Agent in Client Satisfaction by  independent research conducted by Charlotte Magazine.

Wilkinson and Associates is the 2nd largest real estate broker in Charlotte, NC with over 800 agents. We were the Top Team in 2006, Top Ten in 2007, and was Top Agent in 2008. In 2008 we represented buyers in (believed to be) the largest foreclosure sale in Charlotte, and the 2nd largest sale at Lake Wylie. We help a variety of customers- from first time home buyers to sports figures, physcians and major executives.

Terry also wrote and directed the #1 video on You Tube for Charlotte NC. This 4 minute Introduction to Charlotte  video is fact-filled and a great place to start if you are considering a move to Charlotte.

I think the difference we make boils down to our Listen-First approach,

our dedication to our clients interests, and

our commitment to achieving the VERY Best outcome  for our client.

We work with all relocation companies, and gladly accept and exchange relocation leads with brokers around the country. Please contact Terry Direct at 704-351-1519