ChasmTech bridges the gap between your back office database and mobile workforce.

Mobilize your data

The wide array of mobile devices and network options available today makes connecting mobile workers to corporate applications easier than ever. But extending existing business processes to enable online mobile solutions can be much more complicated than the selection of a device and a carrier

ChasmTech's solutions mobilize your data without the expense of custom software projects or additional IT processes. When deploying new applications, you can focus on defining the data and processes using it; ChasmTech solutions will take care of connecting to the field.

Our device independent platform supporting SmartPhones, tablet PCs, notebooks and SmartPens lets you use the device most appropriate for the task.  It takes care of pushing data out to field and pulling data collected in the field back into your corporate databases using browser-based forms and mapping interfaces.

Paper to database

FullCircle SmartForms Enterprise Edition offers a pen-and-paper solution that looks deceivingly low-tech and familiar; the digital pens can accelerate the availability of data entered on paper forms and reduce transcription errors without forcing a screen and keyboard upon your users.