Roomguide.co.uk was formed in 2007.  Roomguide.co.uk was designed to offer customers best value, best choice, security, simplicity and our unique 'ferret' search facility.

The Roomguide.co.uk team is made up of a mix of experienced on-line developers and accommodation operators based in the Northamptonshire in the UK.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with access to thousands of quality Hotels, Guests Houses and B&Bs throughout the world.  Our objectives are simple, that is in helping our customers find great value Hotels in a fast, efficient and secure environment.

When you make your booking through Roomguide.co.uk you can be sure of the best service, best available rate everytime always in a fast, simple, friendly and secure environment.

At Roomguide.co.uk we will continue to look at ways of improving both our service and our content. In the Summer of 2010 we will be launching the Roomguide ferret.  The Roomguide ferret will help our customer find the best hotels that match a simple criteria that the customer choses, based on price, location and date.  Enter your three requirements and our Roomguide ferret will do the rest.