In a world that is moving faster than ever, it’s more than likely you are looking for innovative ways to capitalise on your most precious resource: time.  But it’s not a case of just doing more, rather leveraging your time by drawing your focus to what is important.  To be more productive and progressive rather than just ‘busy’.

CheeHoo is a lifestyle app, which also acts like your personal assistant - integrating the noise around you into a single reliable solution so you can become the master of your hustle.

While there are voice assistants, calendar integration apps and social platforms on the market, CheeHoo uniquely brings all of these elements together in one smart, customisable interface that allows you to:
● View all of your email and calendar accounts in one place
● Centrally manage demands by intuitive prompting, auto task and event creation, and ability to share with your Tribe
● Quickly create tasks and notes via voice, and calendar / email suggestions
● Delegate tasks to your Tribe, organise events and receive helpful prompts to ensure you are always stepping out with your best foot forward
● Foster meaningful relationships with your Tribe - chat, share and connect
● Cut down on searching across multiple platforms - centralise your window to see all messages directed to you from social channels such as Facebook and Instagram
● Accomplish more and kick goals, task by task, with notifications when relevant and required

Spend less time caught up in the clutter and more focusing on what is truly important.  

Allow CheeHoo to help you prioritise and achieve goals, not just tasks. To nurture relationships and find intimacy with those you love.  Ask yourself if you are serving technology or if it is serving you. Technology was not designed to be a burden, adjust the way you organise your life and make technology work for YOU.