The mission of CheerXperience All-Stars is to enrich the lives of young people through the sport of cheerleading, Our daily goal is to instill in our athletes, the values of commitment, self-confidence, leadership, and hard-work as they reach toward attaining their personal best in all endeavors. Athletes who attend CheerXperience All-Stars have an intense respect for coming to practice and being held accountable for their energy, attitude and work ethic. You will see these attributes flow over to their everyday life. Participating in CheerXperience All-Stars will jump start your child into a lifelong road to success.
Since 2008 CheerXperience has proven to be the very best Small Gym All-Star Cheerleading program on the West Coast.  CheerXperience All-Stars has set themselves apart with innovative choreography, exciting cheer routines, quality cheer athletes, and high standards of sportsmanship, while winning numerous State and National competitions.
We thank you for your interest in CheerXperience All-Star Program. We are greatly encouraged by your expressed interest in becoming a part of our family.