During these stressful days as a pet parent, I know the struggle of concentrating on the work and giving enough time to my four-legged friend at the same time. This is something all parents are facing. That’s why our team at Cheerble has come up with a unique solution for busy pet parents and their playful cats. At the right time in the right place.

Only a few days left for the project help us to make more pets happy with their personal board games.

We have created the Cheerble Board Game—an all-in-one toy to help cat parents keep their pets engaged and happy while they’re trying to work.

Here’s why this 3-in-1 interactive toy is a must for any cat:

Endless hours of play: Chasing the self-rolling Cheerble Ball through the interesting holes on the Playboard will keep your cat engaged all day long;  
No scratched furniture: The Scratch Pad is a great place for cats to give freedom to their claws;
Happy and fit cat: The toy keeps cats happy, active and healthy, satisfying their natural instincts and allowing them to work off their stress.

We believe this is something all cat parents should know about. What do you think?

Press Kit: https://bit.ly/3bJ1g44
Link: https://bit.ly/3aDv8Ol