Chelsea's work promotes self-love, authenticity and unfiltered happiness. Along with her own namesake collection — she creates content for conscious brands and collaborates with others to spread her message of love and light to the masses.

Chelsea’s life wasn’t always all smiles. After graduating, FIDM LA, her world collapsed around her. She was left with an incredible education — but struggled to find, love and celebrate herself.

Through her years of self-discovery in taking herself from breakdown to breakthrough — Chelsea created a series of tools and techniques that make up the basis of her teachings. A decade later — Chelsea now stands in her most authentic light and shares her self-love journey to inspire others.

While her art studio and manufacturing are based in Los Angeles — Chelsea travels the world shining her light. She continues to collaborate with nonprofits, organizations, and communities to empower and educate beautiful souls everywhere. Chelsea currently leads a global movement of self-love — where she inspires others to stand in their light and create their most beautiful reality.