I have held many roles including teacher, counselor, musician, group leader, worship leader and motivational speaker.  I am also a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, daughter and a friend.  My most recent accomplishment is self-publishing two books.  

My greatest pursuit is to know God. I am a servant to research, constantly digging deeper in my quest for knowledge.  I am an avid reader, I love books (even the smell of them) as a result, I have become a student for life and of life. I cherish the written word and it’s affect on the reader.   Lastly, I am driven by my passion for writing.

I have been married for over 33 years; I have four adult children and five grandchildren.  I am currently sojourning in Hopkinsville, KY.  But, San Diego will always be the place I call home.

About my books:

In, “What’s Your Story?” revised 2nd edition, I encourage the reader to find the treasure hidden in their personal life story. “With one word, one sentence, one page... Each chapter of our life is unfolding into a story. Our lives are very real; they are not works of fiction. With each new day the elements of our individual stories over-lap and continue to develop. Our settings change, our characters grow, and our plots thicken.”   By using the literary elements of story writing I explain how our life story unfolds.  What's Your Story? enables you to recognize and understand the power of your personal testimony.  Furthermore, it is an inspirational self-help and evangelistic tool for every believer. What’s Your Story?  aides you not only in discovering your testimony, but also in sharing it with others. The personal study guide questions, enlighten, motivate and challenge you to see yourself and your destiny as vital to the Kingdom of God.   The revised 2nd edition was released December 1, 2013.

“Exposed!”  is completely different from What's Your Story?  Exposed! is an inspirational cultural study that brings awareness to how we are "exposed" body, soul and spirit. Exposed!  uncovers the harmful exposures of trauma, war, sickness, chronic pain, betrayal, deception and the media. Exposed! encourages you to discover the “real” you and beckons you to pursue the Truth found only in Jesus Christ.  It also, reveals the illuminating affect of God’s glory, the resounding influence of God’s thundering, yet whispering voice, and illustrates the beauty of  creation, holiness and forgiveness!  

Exposed! was released  December 5, 2013.