VitActivate.com specializes in beauty and wellness products. Vita Activate was founded to provide the newest innovative health products to enhance the natural healing process of the human body. These top branded products are not available in any retail store.

Our main products are:

1. ChiSoft Pain Relief Products
A new way to stretch your stiff neck muscles. This comfortable Neck Traction device can be taken anywhere to stretch the stiff neck. It’s recommended by many Chiropractors. Simply place the neck traction device around the neck and use the inflation pump to increase the pressure to reach a comfortable stretch.

2 NATERA Hemp products
Natera hemp superfoods are natural plant based made in Canada. Try this  tasty and amazing hemp seed products and hemp protein powders. We are looking for distributors world wide. Please contact Vita Activate

3 TDP Mineral lamp and Far Infrared Lamp
The TDP lamp is a natural way to relieve stiff and sore muscle, and helps stimulate blood flow in the area exposed. TDP Mineral Lamps also helps relieve muscle and joint stiffness, inflammation, muscle spasms, sprains and strains.

4. Fyola Beauty and Skin Care Products
Fyola Facial Massagers maximize the absorption of nourishment products to improve the skin. Fyola facial massager helps to permeate nourishing ingredients into the skin by using the latest galvanic ion technology.

5. Aromatherapy Diffuser
 Aromatherapy Diffuser fills the room with a mist of essential oils to kill bacteria and pollutants in the air resulting in a much healthier living space. Aromatherapy Diffuser is used stress relief or improving the atmosphere of any home or work space.

Our mission is to provide innovative products to enhance your health and beauty. Our purchasing team search for new quality branded products around the world for you. We are an international distributor of beauty and health products.

5 Wonderful Reasons To Use Vita Activate's Products with Confidence:

  1. We research and try most products before we choose to carry them
  2. We offer innovative, high quality products at a reasonable price
  3. We offer best pricing guarantees, and fast shipping as a standard service
  4. We are rated as one of the best customer service company
  5. We make your online ordering safe and worry fee with our user-friendly navigation and secured online shopping cart

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Please contact us at with any request for importing of specific products. We have many contacts and are skilled to market quality branded products such as ChiSoft cervical traction device, Fyola facial massager, ChiSpa Aromatherapy Diffuser, ChiOndo Heating Pad and more are coming.