At Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation, we believe that mind-body stress management programs should be incorporated into all healthcare systems, worldwide, and that preventive care, such as deep-breathing techniques, should be placed at the top of the list.

Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation, a 501 (C ) (3) nonprofit global health education organization, is a leader in transformative health practices, and with the support of our P.D.P. II donors, the Foundation is making a positive difference in the health of communities throughout the world.

Our Purpose:

To raise awareness about the profound health benefits of self-directed ancient healing systems, and to foster the growth of connected communities working together for peace; and encouraging the integration of wisdom, compassion and spirituality into daily living.

Our Vision:

To shift the paradigm of health in our world to joy, compassion, generosity and vibrant good health; inspiring by example the desire in others to do the same; to build and connect a global community of healers.

Our Mission:

The mission of PDP II Research Foundation is to improve health and elevate consciousness worldwide by raising awareness of the profound health benefits of ancient healing systems.

At PDP II Research Foundation, our mission supports the elevation of global health and consciousness by advancing self-directed healing systems through educational materials, instruction and products.