Chicago Signs is a custom sign specialty house that designs, manufactures and installs the signs that will be most effective for your business. We provide a free consultation service for our first visit for the simple Mom and Pop store fronts to very elaborate national chain stores.

25 years of experience and a vast knowledge of designs, materials and fabrication techniques along with creativity give our designers and manufacturers the tools with which to conceive the product that best suits your needs within your budget.

Chicago Signs is an association of project managers, designers, and high quality specialty sign shops located in the Chicago area and across the nation.

While many sign companies claim to make every sign type, it's not true. The truth is that there are hundreds of sign types and it's impossible for one sign company to excel at making all of them. Most sign companies send your order out to a specialty house that specializes in making just one type of sign.

Chicago Signs is your connection to these specialty sign shops across the country that only work for sign companies. These shops specialize is making exactly the type of sign you need and they have decades of experience. No shoddy workmanship, no fading and peeling paint, no signs that pull away from the building or snap at the base and fall on cars or passing pedestrians. Our team is the best of the best with years of experience.

Chicago Signs, our project managers and our designers, will design the sign, pull the permits, supervise the manufacture, and install the final product.

Call us with your sign project! 312-273-1833