Dynamic Dogs philosophy and unique experience makes them stand out from other dog experts in the field.  Their vast knowledge of canine behavior, dog psychology, and training methods give them the ability to understand dogs on a higher level, as well as having a high standard for dog training and owner instruction.  

Not all dog training is the same quality.  If you are seeking a dog trainer or behaviourist, we offer the best dog training, dog obedience, and behavior modification.  Dog obedience training and dog behavior modification are inter-linked.  Our talent and advanced dog training skill can help you communicate clearly with your dog.  We are focused on customized, results-based dog training.  We will bring you clarity in understanding your pet, like a dog psychologist.  We work with all types of canines and many rescue dogs (plus our own rescue dogs).  

Specializing in advanced dog training, aggressive dog training, board and train, and  personal protection, and behavior counseling.  We also do therapy dog training.  

We are different because we get results- a dog who respects you, is calm, listens, has reliable obedience, and behaves around the many distractions in our busy urban environment full of people and animals.  You want to be the #1 focus of your dog.

Our premier service is Board & Train.  Either 18 days, or 30 days.  Have your dog professionally trained, and experience the joy a well-trained dog can bring. Our superb dog training programs are custom tailored to your needs, as well as the individual needs of your dog. No cookie-cutter training methods here!